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FnaF World – Play Horror Game Online

FNaF WORLD: Your Favorite Addictive Horror Game

An overview of a game including all its extreme hard levels and a tip to cross them.

Introduction to the game:

Every gamer has a wish to play games that involve the player to a great extent, and if you are a horror game fan than probably your misery might have ended. A game introduced to the world by Scott Cawthon, who named it Five Nights at Freddy’s World. It is one amazing yet confusing video game series based on animatronic graphics to add a rough touch to the FNaF world. FNaF world for PCs are available out there but one has to wait a little longer to have it on their mobile phones. There are players who find it a bit difficult to play this game at the same time show keen interest in it, despite being a tough game it has gathered a great fan base at its side. What’s more interesting is that it is available for free this time. Well, there is so much more that for you to know about the game, which has been mentioned in this brief article below.

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FNaF World:

On September 15, 2015, Cawthon reported a spin-off of his series, entitled FNaF World. In contrast to the primary series, the game is an RPG-based computer game, using the various animatronic characters from the first four games. The game takes place in a whimsical world, where the characters must battle enemies and progress through the game by opening certain perks and items. In spite of the fact that initially anticipated release on February 2, 2016, Cawthon rescheduled the release to January 22, 2016, yet in the long run propelled one more day sooner, on January 21, 2016, respectively.

Post-release, network and critics censured the game for missing key features, being unstable and unfinished, for which Cawthon later apologized, stating, “I got too anxious to even consider showing the things that were finished, that I fail to focus on the things that weren’t.” The game was subsequently evacuated by Steam per Cawthon’s decision, and he stated that the game would be enhanced and re-released for no charge at a later date. Cawthon also reported that he asked Valve to discount everybody’s cash who purchased the game.

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In February 2016, Cawthon released a free version of the game, which featured a 3D over-world and an updated character selection screen. In March 2016, Cawthon updated his website with another teaser, which featured new characters, similar to the infamous “Purple Guy” from the primary series, and most of the characters from the Halloween update for Five Nights at Freddy’s 4.

The story of Five Nights at Freddy’s world is a typical game, where a player has to defeat the forces of evil bosses to bring peace in the area. The interesting and grasping part is the theme for which it has been set, these forces of evil may not be like Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff girls who was a long abandoned little monkey but these bosses are more evil at the party plus MONSTERS. This game is a party which you might never go on all alone.

There are around FORTY characters with which you can play to have multiple ends in multiple difficulties. And there is this cute character called ‘Fredbear’ which we will be talking about a bit later. Not to forget the amazing background soundtrack composed by the legendary artist ‘Leon Riskin’.

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Overview of the game:

  • When the game starts, it’s more like a marathon where you just start and RUN. The player has the control of the main character called Freddy along with his friends who are out to find the mystery of the world under the layer of another world. A world which seems like falling apart because of the flip side of actions and deeds.
  • You are the LEADER of the team, who has authorities to look for the glitches’ sources as well as the creepy monsters and make it a safe place again.
  • There are some parties where you can get random attenders; animatronics who are new may try to invade and you have to defeat their strategies with basic intelligence and mere sharpness. FNaF characters are talented as anything and would get you out of the trauma of the attack. After you defeat the opponents, you have the choice to either add them to the roster of your characters’ list or move on.
  • There is more than one type of worlds in the video game series; while travelling the world you can get to the new worlds. When found one on map, simply hop on them to experience another world just by pushing a button. Swish and flick, it’s that easy. Well, you have to activate the button to mark area checkpoint. 

A walk through of the FNaF 1:

FNaF worlds’ nerve wrecking adventure begins when you get to the new world. It’s basically give vibes of a lone traveler or a bunch of amateur travelers who are out to explore but lost their way back. You find while traveling around about the Fredbear who becomes your mentor. There are Fazbear Hills which has to be crossed to find Fred who helps you to find the glitched tree. Once you pass them, you probably need to find a way to the forest. Fredbear yet again guides you to find another location, might be the Dusting Fields.

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In Dusting Fields, while passing by the Mysterious Mine to look for the glitched rock, where there is another glitched tree inside the rock. You have to look for those glitched trees which would take you at the deeper glitched world. Next destination would be Choppy woods. From here, Fredbear guides you towards the Lillygear Lake, here you’ll have to defeat the octopus to get through the lake and find a teleporter. It will take you to the Choppy Woods and reach the Pinwheel Circus. These unfolded mysteries and untouched worlds is what makes the game exciting and interesting at every level of glitched world, one might never know what’s next.

On the other side of Lillygear lake is Choppy Woods that is the upper part of the respective area. While moving through the glitched trees one after another at different layers. Each layer takes you to a different destination, just like the first level will lead to Blacktomb Yard. At the bottom of the Blacktomb Yard, the trees are transparent which you can pass by to enter the mines. Here starts the fight! In mines the evil yet powerful bosses reside whom you have to defeat. Upon defeating, the player will be rewarded with a gold chest.

From here, you can head out from Pinwheel Circus and look for Fredbear again. And head to other multiple routes after defeating the Ballboy boss. 

FNaF 1 has exciting levels and plot twists available, though it’s horror background music and non-scary animatronics would make you feel the 90’s nostalgia.

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FNaF simulator 1:

What is a simulator?

A simulator video game is a fan made doppelganger of any game, an attempt to showcase extreme possibility and prediction of the upcoming game. There are four FNaF simulator at the moment known as FNaF 1, 2, 3, 4. All are exceptionally amazing!

FNaF online games’ ending:


The basic ending consists of the player for simply playing through a game for the well being of completion, and on the easiest trouble. This I see as an editorial on the players that simply play, don’t understand and rush as far as possible to guarantee boasting rights of a sort.


The hard ending has you battling the game creator, who is refusing to release more. He is frustrated at how the game has consumed his vocation, and how his future games on the off-chance that they aren’t FNaF, will have that shadow approaching over them and may not be gotten well because of the difference in characters. FNaF World itself is a test to this. Scott got into the scary game business at first to attempt and move with the punches that Jim Sterling and other prominent critics tossed at Chipper and Sons.

However, he is presently caught, is relied upon to produce more frightfulness games based on the world of FNaF. He does not have any desire to paint himself into this corner, and that is what I accept this completion represents. He feels worn out by constantly making frightfulness and FNaF games, and might want to proceed onward, despite the fact that he feels the massive pressure from the network that he created.


The Chipper and Sons ending tells about the sentiment that his past games were laughed at, and found to be creepy. It was intended to be a kid-friendly game. A simple game. Chipper and Sons have some foreboding of a darker world, but the design of the game pushed that level too far, to where the entire game felt eerie. There is a lot of resentment in the Chipper ending towards the player for taking the mostly innocent game about a beaver’s “coming of age”, and twisting it into something far creeper.


The clock ending is about FNaF. It’s about these last pieces. The pieces Scott believes we’ve missed. He is indicating the FNaF 3 minigames for a quite certain reason. Something about those games ties in greatly to FNaF 4, and he wants us to know this. In the files, the crate is open. He knows the textures will be dumped, so the FNaF 3’s mini game segments must associate strongly to the elusive box (#FNaFBoxWatch). These two elements are intrinsically integrated, and that is what this game is attempting to tell the player. The clocks and the last message have a strong association that nobody has seemed to uncover.

FNaF Sister Location


The lake ending is a reference to Inception, wherein the film, diving excessively deep into dream levels cause you to be caught inside them. I can’t discover all the more significance past that. Be that as it may, it acts as a decent gatekeeper to the more personal ending.


The Happiest Day Ending is, I accept, the most significant all things considered. Freddy wades into the focal point of the lake, at that point he starts falling. From what I can tell, he will stay falling until the console is disregarded for a set period. At that point, it switches to a man holding his two youngsters together in his arms before a flashing screen. This ending is VERY significant. In this ending, every of the characters is made up completely of squares. There are no father or son figures in the landfill, this ending is simply a collection of squares. Scott Cawthon thought about this ending, he refused to leave any hint of it in the surface dumps that he knew would be released. I don’t have a clue on the off-chance that he knows the degree to which the network could locate this easter egg at any rate, however the push to obstruct them shows how significant this ending is.


In all games, Scott has done nothing to highlight animatronics. Every single detail about the game is there in a perfect way. How I see it, is this ending represents the death of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and how it will affect Scott on a personal dimension. The need to complete inaction of the console seems to match, as I would see it, the time where FNaF is a relic of the past that scarcely anybody is playing. There are no console taps specifying theories, or “how about we play” videos. The world has proceeded onward, and when it does, you see the three individuals in that picture.

They presumably represent Scott Cawthon himself, and his youngsters. The screen is confused before them, yet the figures are still, simply watching the screen. This is Scott’s vision of things to come, or perhaps the present. The series is finished, the promotion has ceased to exist and he can share the FNaF inheritance with his youngsters. FNaF World is the absolute last FNaF game, and Scott has been plentifully clear about it. This scene is Scott and his youngsters, simply thinking back on what FNaF did to the world, since they have the harmony and calm to ponder the game, and it’s engraved on the game design industry.

Or on the other hand perhaps it is representing the present, wherein they are viewing the game, and thinking about its effect today.

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